What Does it Mean to be a Biblical Man? With Dr. Michael L. Brown

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In my recent episode of Raising the Standard, I was privelged to interview Dr. Michael Brown, who tackles some of the most pressing issues facing Christian men today. As the host of The Line of Fire and author of over 40 acclaimed books, Dr. Brown is uniquely qualified to navigate these complex topics.

He joined me recently to discuss societal dilemmas, politics, and the dangers of Christian nationalism.

From understanding the distorted views of manhood promoted in society to defining our true callings as kingdom-driven men, Dr. Brown provides much-needed wisdom and clarity. Whether the issue is personal holiness, family leadership or cultural engagement, Dr. Brown’s message is always centered on Christ.

So of course, he makes for a highly relevant guest for our show as his insights will challenge and encourage listeners to embrace their highest purpose.


One of the primary things we discussed was Biblical Manhood and what it looks like

In our modern culture, the definition of manhood has become warped and watered down. False notions pushed by the world tell us that being a “real man” means being self-focused, arrogant, aggressive, or overly tough and stoic. But what does the Bible say about true masculinity?

In our discussion, Dr. Brown gave tremendous wisdom on this topic. Some key points he made about biblical manhood include:

  • Put Jesus First – At the core of manhood is a deep love for and devotion to Jesus Christ. A biblical man knows that he belongs to the Lord and seeks to live fully for Him, whatever the cost. 
  • Live With Integrity – Part of being a man is having strong convictions and standing up for what is right, even when it’s unpopular. But this must be balanced with compassion. A man of God does not compromise his standards or engage in sinful behaviors like pornography, adultery, abuse, or dishonesty.
  • Lead With Love – While a man must take the lead in protecting and providing for his family, this is done through self-sacrificing love rather than dominance or “machismo.” The model is Jesus, who poured His life out for others through extraordinary compassion.
  • Guard Your Priorities – In today’s distracted culture, men must guard their time, energy and relationships carefully. This means spending quality time with God in prayer and His Word daily. It also means being fully present and engaged with wife and children. 
  • Keep Vigilant – Satan attacks the culture and next generations aggressively. Men must stay alert to threats and evil influences, whether spiritual or political. This calls for increased spiritual strength, wise boundaries, and standing up for righteousness without compromise.
  • Get Involved Locally – Beyond one’s personal life, biblical manhood involves acts of compassion toward those in need. This could mean volunteering, supporting good causes, or taking a non-political leadership role in the community through integrity and care for people.

Among other points. I encourage you to listen to the entire interview wherever you listen to your podcasts.

True Masculinity

True masculinity is found by yielding to Christ fully and representing His love, values and priorities in the world. This requires strength of character but also humility, putting others first through servanthood.

May God give men the grace to embrace His high calling on their lives.

Let’s raise the standard!

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