10 Ways For You To Raise The Standard

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"I’ve got to go where I can hit them the hardest!”


I was aware of my great uncle Aram's military career in a B-24  Liberator, because his photo, his wings and purple heart are framed in my parents home.

Aram joined the war effort in 1941 and was a navigator in a B-24 Liberator during WW2. I recently dug into his story to find a little bit more about my legacy, my lineage, and how this all connects together, and what I found shocked me.

Aram had a cousin he really looked up to named Charlie who tried to join the Air Force and he couldn't get in. So he went to Canada and he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force there. By 1941, Charlie was already flying missions deep into Hitler's fortress. On the return from one of his successful missions, his plane went down, and Charlie never made it back home.

My uncle Aram was only 19 years old when he heard the news of Charlie's death while he was enrolled as a pre-law student in Boston University.

The news of his cousin's death rocked him to his core.

He was moved with motivation to take action and wanted to join the US Air Force immediately so he could get into the fight. So my uncle went to his parents -- my great-grandparents -- and he tried desperately to convince them that he should join.

He said, “What’s the use? My cousin is dead. I’ve got to go where I can hit them the hardest!”

Like my uncle, we as men today are called to lead in a world that desperately needs strong leadership. We must raise our standard of living and hit back against the forces that threaten our faith, families, and society.


(Justin Stewart, who created all of illustrations within The Standard, gifted me this canvas memorializing the sacrifice of my uncle Aram)

How do we hit back?

By being the strong, godly men and leaders God created us to be.

When men abandon their leadership, families and societies crumble. But strong men build strong families, and strong families build strong societies. It starts with each of us embracing our call to lead ourselves, lead our families, and make an impact.

We lead ourselves by knowing the Bible, praying, developing our minds, and stewarding our health.

We lead our families by faithfully attending church together, studying Scripture at home, mentoring our children, and creating meaningful memories.

We lead our world by advancing our careers, volunteering generously, and preparing now for greater leadership and responsibility.


The World Desperately Needs Strong Men and Leaders to Turn the Tide

My great uncle Arm answered the call in his generation. Will you answer the call in ours? Raise your standard of living and be the leader God created you to be. Our faith, families, and society depend on it.

How will you hit back?


As men, we are called to lead:

LEAD Yourself.

LEAD your family.

LEAD your world. 


10 Practical Ways To Raise Your Standard and Become the Man God Created You To Be

I want to give you 10 practical ways to raise your standard of living and become the man God created you to be. 

Like my great uncle Aram, who joined the war effort in World War II at 19 years old, we must have a “hit them where it hurts” mentality. We need to go after the root causes that threaten our society—the spiritual battles against our faith, families, and freedom. We hit back not with violence or politics but by being the leaders God calls us to be. 

  1. Know the Bible. The Word of God is your weapon—you must know how to skillfully wield it. Develop a daily Bible reading habit.

  2. Practice Biblical meditation. Reading the Bible is not enough. Internalize it through meditation, memorization, and repetition. Let the Word transform your mind.
  3. Pray. The effective, fervent prayers of a righteous man avail much. Develop a powerful prayer life. 
  4. Lead your family in faith. Attend church together, study the Bible at home, and take every opportunity to pass on godly wisdom to your children. 
  5. If single, prepare for marriage. Develop good habits and disciplines now so you’re ready to lead a wife and children.  
  6. Invest individual time with your children. Don’t just connect as a family—spend one-on-one time with each child. Meet their unique needs. 
  7. Read and develop your mind. Read books on leadership, skill development, and living out your purpose. Turn knowledge into wisdom.  
  8. Work out and stay strong. Steward your body to defend and provide for your family. Your health is your responsibility.
  9. Work hard and advance your career. Whether an entrepreneur or employee, be dedicated and get promoted. Provide for your family’s needs now and in the future.  
  10. Volunteer and be generous. Set an example of generosity for your family. Give your time, money, and resources to help others in need.

Bonus #11

Have Fun and Make Memories

While working hard, remember to enjoy life. Laugh, bond, and create meaningful experiences together as a family.

Applying these practical ways to raise your standard of living as a Christ follower will make you a better man, father, and husband. It will strengthen your family and society.

The call is clear—it’s time to lead. How will you hit back? By being the man God created you to be.

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