Stepping Through Fear: How to Produce Work Despite Self-Doubt

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Renowned author Frank Viola reveals time-tested wisdom for overcoming challenges and unlocking unprecedented levels of productivity. With over 30 best-selling books, two influential blogs, and two engaging podcasts under his belt, Viola has established himself as a leading voice calling Christians to a deeper spiritual life.

Frank Viola has authored over 30 books and created numerous resources for the "deeper Christian life." Yet like all creators, he faces self-doubt and discouragement.

When I asked Frank in a two recent back-to-back episodes of the Raising the Standard Podcast how he produces so much content, he shared a few golden nuggets on How To Unlock Productivity with Purpose.

1. Focus your Mission

As a teenager, he received a vision that he would have a traveling itinerant ministry. This clear calling has guided his work ever since while always maintaining a laser focus helps him avoid distractions and releases.

He has a clear focus on his mission to create resources for the "deeper Christian life." This laser focus helps him avoid distractions and produce so much content.

2. Overcome the Fear of Imperfection

Viola admits none of his work has been "perfect." He overcomes the "peril of waiting until work is perfect" by launching when it's good enough. Nothing he's created has been "perfect," but he releases it once it meets a high standard. His "time management system" also maximizes productivity in short bursts.

Wait until your work is ready, not perfect, to launch. Fear of not meeting some imaginary standard often paralyzes creators.

3. Act Despite Fear

Self-doubt, discouragement, and writer's block come from fear. But you must learn to launch your work despite that fear. Focusing on 'an audience of One' - God - brings him fulfillment, not popularity. He says "courage is the ability to act in spite of fear," and he creates when he feels "joy and peace" about it.

4. Have a Time Management System

Viola utilizes tools that maximize his productivity in short periods of time. These "hacks" allow him to create a lot of content despite facing natural challenges like doubt. Learn productivity techniques customized to your personality and needs.

Also, when faced with criticism or discouraging experiences, Frank remembers the people his work has impacted positively. What seems unresponsive to him may simply not be "for" that person. The thought, "It wasn't for them" helps him move on.

In closing focus your attention on your mission, put good-enough work into the world, and act despite fear through productivity systems. Then self-doubt will no longer stop you from creating great content that fulfills your calling.

The key is to start creating - the rest will fall into place over time through practice and experience. behold Him as He is.

Check out the entire first episode of my interview with Frank on YouTube below.



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