Man of God, You Have Permission To Prosper

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Many Christians believe that in order to live a godly life, they need to take a vow of poverty. They think that wanting wealth and financial prosperity goes against Christian values. But according to Ray Edwards, the Bible does not teach that at all.

God wants us to live an abundant life in all areas, including our finances.

In a recent podcast interview on Raising the Standard, Ray argues that money is only good for the things that only money is good for, like paying the rent and paying your taxes, having groceries and living inside and having running water.

When we view money as a tool to provide for ourselves, help others in need, and further God's kingdom, it is not wrong to want financial prosperity.

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The Real Issue Comes Down to Your Motivation

If we pursue money for selfish gain or make it an idol, that is wrong. But if we want to prosper financially so we can use our money for good—to feed the hungry, help widows and orphans, support ministries, and spread the Gospel—then Christians have permission to want wealth.

As Ray said,

"If it's in alignment with your values, with your ultimate values, then that's a sign you're on the right track."

Our values should align with God's Word and a desire to serve Him. If we pursue prosperity with the aim of honoring God and helping others, we have permission to prosper financially.

God created money and intends for us to enjoy prosperity and abundance

We need to reject the belief that righteousness is measured by a lack of money. Instead, we should focus on stewarding whatever resources God provides in a way that serves His kingdom. When we do that, we have permission to acquire wealth and live prosperously.

You do not need to take a vow of poverty to be a good Christian. You can want financial prosperity and be rich in good works at the same time. God will bless and honor those individuals, families, and businesses that choose to serve others above themselves. If your motivation is to spread godly abundance, you have permission to acquire money and wealth.

You Have Permission to Prosper!

The key is what you do with that prosperity. Don't store up treasures on earth for yourself. Use whatever resources God provides to make a difference for eternity. When you live generously and advance His kingdom, you have permission to prosper in all areas of life, including your finances.

Prosperity becomes an instrument to fulfill your God-given purpose, not the end goal itself. You have permission to prosper.

Now go out and serve others well. Let's raise the standard!






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