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Born into Battle

There's so many warrior and military analogies and metaphors throughout all of scripture that hit hard and call us forward into mission to be activated.

When we're born into the kingdom of God and we become Christians, when we submit our life to the Lord, we're not promised an easy road, but we are born into a battle. 

So if we're born into a battle, how do we prepare?

And that's really the focus of today's episode where I'm joined by Troy Anderson, who's a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and he's teamed up with U.S. Army Chaplain (Col.) David Giammona, Ret.

Their book goes through not only equipping you with the strategies and the tactics that you need in your life, but also really practical checklists. What can I do now? What's my after action report look like? How do I put these disciplines into practice? How do I execute my mission? 



The Military Guide to Armageddon 

Col. Giammona was raised in the military, traveled the world and was in the Army War College where they study the highest levels of strategic warfare, and he told us in our discussion that born into war and people don't realize it.

You're on either one side or the other. There is no neutral ground. You're either in the kingdom of God or you're in the kingdom of darkness and there's no middle ground. So I tell people all the time when we train soldiers to go to war,

When we train a soldier to go to work, we hand them a rifle and we don't tell them, “here, follow me right away, let’s go.” They have to go through weeks and weeks of training every day, 24/7. And after that more training and, after that more training.

You can't take a weapon and give it to the soldier and say, go ahead and kill the enemy, cuz he's gonna get himself killed or he is gonna get you killed in combat. And so we, uh, we value training in the military


Christian Soldiers Were Not The Same When They Came Back From Battle

Unfortunately, the Church of Jesus Christ doesn’t get it when it comes to all the training that needs to take place.

Col. Giammona noticed that a lot of the Christians that went to war didn't come back the same; they were devastated by the death of the destruction, and all the loss that they saw. God put it on his heart to prepare the church because at that time, when he started writing in 2018, he didn't want the church to experience the same thing as the soldiers were experiencing.

Polls that show the American population highly respect the military. If the American a church will listen to anybody about the dangers we're facing, it’s someone in the military. And so he teamed up with Troy Anderson and co-wrote the Military Armageddon Battle Test Strategies to Your Life.


Soldiers Never Stop Training

After 11 weeks of infantry training, then you go on to advanced training, and then after that you keep training for your entire career.  

And that's what I'm telling Christian men especially: you've got to be in the word, you’ve got be in training. You must study to show yourself approved. Because let's face it from Genesis, to Revelation, the Bible is a book of warfare. King David was in 66 major battles himself, and it's just one warfare after another in the Old Testament and New Testament.

The history of the world is literally all about warfare. We have to understand those tactics to win the war.


Separating the Sheep from the Goats

There's a separation of sheep and goats happening right now; there are those that want to be part of the church of Jesus Christ. These are the remnant. 

Then there are those that really want to be part of the culture and listen to what the culture has to say.

Many are not leaders in their church. They're not leaders in their home. They focus mostly on their jobs or their businesses making money, but they left out the most important thing there is your eternal soul, when Jesus said, “what profit is there if you gain the whole world and lose your soul or forfeit your soul?” (Matt 16:26)

Back in the 1930s under Nazi Germany, the Church had a chance to stand against Adolf Hitler. Out of over 12,000 pastors, 9,000 of them decided not to do anything, and that's where the majority of men are right now. Pastors and leaders not doing anything about the culture and about the war that we're actually in spiritually and culturally. 

History is repeating itself now, if we don't take a stand now, we're going to lose everything. You might think you have a great business and you may think you're making a lot of money and whatever you're doing right now, but it isn't gonna make a hill of beans when all that's taken from you.

It's time to man up!

Are you ready to put it all on the line and are you ready to make a difference?

Listen to the full episode here:

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