Man of God, What's In Your Hand?

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Man of God, What's In Your Hand?


In The 8 Invitations Jesus Makes to All Men I gave you a new way of thinking about what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

To be a follower is to be a disciple

To be a disciple is to be an active participant

To be a participant is to be a partaker 

...and the most accurate description of being a partaker in the original languages of the Bible is to view yourself as a partner. 


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How Do We Partner with God?


A Tale of 2 Men

There are two defaults I observe in the Christian landscape today and current church culture. 

1. "The Religious Christian" This guy prays and then stops there. Prayer works and we are commanded to pray at all times, however once we pray and commit our ways to the Lord we need to take action on what and where the Lord leads us. 

2. "It's all Grace bro" this Christian rests in a proper God Given Identity but also fails to take action and move in partnership with God. Content in being 'saved' and trusting God to move on his behalf.


What does partnering with God look like? 

When God Partners with man he asks men to submit in trust to His ways and then demands action. 

Moses: Whats in Your Hand? 

Moses had an everyday, ordinary walking stick. When he partners with God he sets captives free and splits the sea.

David: Get's 5 smooth stones and his everyday carry.

David most likely 'carried' his weapon everyday, never thinking that one day this ordinary tool when used in partnership would save a nation and launch him into his destiny. 

Disciples: At the feeding of the 5,000, Jesus looks at the disciples and says "You give hem something to eat." 

Loaves and fish were a staple of the Eastern diet, but this day it becomes a launching pad for a miracle. 


In each example the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, the mundane into the miracle and natural into the supernatural. 



Is Your Purpose Waiting on You? 

 All of these started with ordinary and everyday tools that when given to God in partnership were multiplied and served as the catalyst for launching men into their purpose. It’s time to step into your calling, pray and then take action starting with what you have.


What’s in your hand?



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