What Are the 8 Invitations of Jesus?

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The Call to the Kingdom Driven Man

Jesus is clear, confident, and fearless, He lived a life that sets the standard for how men are to live, lead and work. 2,000 years ago He could be found on a country hillside, in the Jewish temple and throughout the bustling cities issuing an invitation to all men and whosoever will listen. He tells the crowd “if you have ears to hear, then hear this,” the modern equivalent would be listen up and pay attention.

He not only shows men everywhere a new way of life, He invites them into it. He issues 8 distinct and clear invitations, and He is still issuing these invitations today.


Will you answer the call to become a Kingdom Driven Man?


The Bible is a story of 2 kingdoms colliding. The Kingdom of darkness vs the Kingdom of God. When Jesus declares the Kingdom of God has come He issuing a declaration that He has come to take everything back from the enemy. Our call as Kingdom driven men is to build and expand this Kingdom within us and around us.

Jesus models and teaches a new way of living and invites people to follow Him and enter this new Kingdom. These followers represent a new breed, Kingdom Driven Men, that take up hHs charge to expand the Kingdom of God.

This call is for the 'whosoevers' the 'anybody’s' and those who had the curiosity and ears to hear.




Jesus Invites Men into a new way of Life. Here are 7 invitations He makes to all men.

  1.  Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest! -Matthew 11:28 
  2.  Jesus stood and cried, saying ... if any man thirst let him COME unto Me, and DRINK...  -John 7:37 
  3.  Jesus said unto them, "COME and DINE!"  -John 21:12 
  4.  Come and See  -John 1:39
  5.  Come and Take up your cross  -Mark 10:21
  6.  Come away to a secluded place and rest  -Mark 6:31
  7.  Come you blessed of my father and inherit the Kingdom -Matthew 25:34,


These are invitations promises that are available to everyone. But a condition is you have to be hungry. Only those who are hungry are satisfied, only those who are thirsty drink.

There is another invitation I would like to focus on.


The 8th Invitation


When Jesus calls men to Himself He says 2 words, “FOLLOW ME.” When Jesus find Peter He says follow me. "Follow me" is the first and last words Jesus physically spoke to Peter.

To follow in Hebrew does not mean to walk behind me, it means to do what I do.

  • Rabbis had followers and they taught them how to do what they do.
  • Followers do what that rabbis taught them, they do what they saw Jesus do.

A follower was known as a disciple. In an old-world paradigm Rabbi’s and others wanted disciples for themselves, just like we want “followers” on social media. 

The real translation of disciple was a disciplined learner, an active participant. This is what the followers of Jesus are known as, disciples – participants and partakers.

Throughout scripture There are many designations of the Lord’s servants

  • Bond-slaves of Jesus Christ
  • Ministers of Christ
  • Stewards of the mystery
  • Fellow workers

ALL of these titles carry the meaning of delegated responsibility

 In Hebrews 3:1 we are called "partakers"

Therefore, holy brethren, partakers of a heavenly calling,

This same word used here for "partakers" is translated "partners" in Luke 5:7



Do you know the difference between an employee and a partner?


The difference between them is full responsibility. What needs to change in your mindset to shift and see yourself as a partner with Jesus?  

The call to the Kingdom Driven Man is an invitation to a new way of life. To co-laboring and partnering with the Lord in His work. To be a disciplined learner and subscribe to a new way of life as you follow Him. 


Where can You invite Jesus into your life?


Take an inventory and ask yourself:

  • 'Where does God want to partner with me in life today?'
  • What is He speaking to you?
  • What area in your life has been ‘off limits’ to him. Is it your spiritual life?, Your way of thinking? Activities you are doing or not doing?


Make your decision today to answer the invitation of Jesus when He states: 


"Follow Me"





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