Breaking Free From Complacency: The Power Of An Unstoppable Christian Life

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In today's world, it's easy to be a passive Christian – someone who professes their faith in Christ but doesn't always engage fully in their relationship with God.

As a life coach for high-achieving, kingdom-driven Christian men, I want to challenge you to claim your identity and purpose as a true follower of Jesus.

Recently on The Raising the Standard Podcast, I talked with Jimn Kyles to discuss his book Unstuck & Unstoppable and one of the things Jimm told us was

Jesus himself called us to be more than just fans. He invited us to follow him, to pick up our cross daily, and to die to our old selves in order to be reborn in his image (Luke 9:23).

This journey, one that requires discipline, focus, and sometimes even suffering, ultimately leads to eternal life with Christ and a life of impact.

One of the most significant obstacles we face as Christians is complacency. We can become stuck in places of pain, comfort, or even simply a lack of vision for our futures.

So how do we get unstuck and become unstoppable on our Christian journey?


Identify the Area in Which You're Stuck

The first step is to identify the one area in which you're most stuck, as this will be the area in which making progress will have the most significant impact. This could be your marriage, finances, physical health, spiritual life, or emotional health.

Once you've identified this area, you can start focusing on making incremental improvements every day.


Find Your Identity, Purpose, and Vision

Becoming unstoppable in your faith journey involves three key aspects: knowing your identity in Christ, discovering your purpose in this life, and creating a vision for your future.

Identity: Your identity as a child of God should be the foundation for every decision you make and every step you take. Understanding who you are in Christ will enable you to walk confidently in your calling.

Purpose: Your purpose is the reason you're here on Earth – the unique combination of skills, talents, and passions that God has blessed you with to make an impact on this world. Discovering your purpose and walking in it will give your life direction and meaning.

Vision: Vision is the picture of your future that God has given you – a clear, focused image of what you want your life to look like. Having a vision for every area of your life – your marriage, family, health, finances, and spiritual life – will enable you to make progress toward your goals and keep your life moving forward.


Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

One of the most significant barriers to moving forward in your faith is the false beliefs and lies that have taken root in your subconscious mind. To break free from these limiting thoughts, you must replace them with the truth found in God's Word. This process will require time, dedication, and patience – but as you replace the lies with the truth, you will find yourself becoming unstoppable in your journey with Christ.


Focus on Getting Better Every Day

Instead of striving for perfection, simply aim to be 1% better every day. Over time, these small improvements will compound and result in significant, lasting change in your life.

Don't settle for being a passive Christian. Embrace the journey, claim your identity and purpose in Christ, and become the unstoppable follower that Jesus has called you to be. Remember, the reality you currently see is only a small part of what God has in store for you. By keeping your focus on God's perspective and vision for your life, you can break free from complacency and live a life of purpose and impact!




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