The Six Dimensions of Masculinity That Every Man Must Master | From The Life Of Jesus

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I have made it my message that Jesus Christ is perfected manhood. He is the model, the template and the blueprint of all that you and I are created and called to be.

 In episode 4 and episode 5

We looked at the specific commands and the inherent charge that God gave to all men.

At the most basic level men are charged with protecting and providing.

  • For their families
  • Their children
  • And to be contributors to society, culture and multiply what comes into their hand.

We are inherently builders, this is in our DNA.

Think about these responsibilities and the commandments of manhood, these are important non-negotiable truths that lay the foundation for men.

Below are 6 dimensions that Jesus models and that all men must master.

# 1

SELF-MASTERY: Another way we can say this is Self-Leadership. All Men must learn how to lead themselves before they can lead their families and lead and influence those within their sphere of influence.

Did Jesus do this? YES! The bible tells us He was tempted in every way that we are men and never missed the mark, He never sinned.

He exercised 30 years of restraint and waiting while working on the sidelines in obedience to His Fathers will until He is called to enter His ministry assignment. This is a Life of Discipline and those that follow Him will be referred to as Disciples

All Men must be Disciplined Learners committed to growth and multiplication


# 2

LEADERSHIP: He will call 12 men and mentor them to become world changers. He takes 12 ordinary marketplace guys from various walks of life, the fishing industry, taxation services, a HCP and trains them by serving them.

The Leadership mandate that he honors and trains others with is servant leadership.

You have to see this because this was unheard of during this time period. The leadership model that people were familiar with at that time was the political and religious structures and these ruled with absolute authority.

Jesus model’s servant leadership when He washes the disciples feet and teaches them that the greatest must become the least.

Real Men serve their families, their communities and those they have the privilege of leading.


# 3

COMMUNICATION: Jesus was a Master communicator. He had a powerful presence and when He spoke people listened. He knows how to show up powerfully with full attention and he is  100% engaged. He could speak with one person in a multitude and make them feel as if no one else was around because of His focused attention.

He is dialed in and communicated with emotion and passion that moved people from mediocrity to becoming fully alive.

Jesus is fun, He had a sense of humor and displayed His emotions. He connected with everyone He crossed paths with.

All Men must learn how to connect and display genuine interest in their communication.


# 4

EMPATHY: Jesus has a High E.Q  He can demonstrate empathy and identify with the others without forfeiting His power. He never crosses into sympathy or feels bad for Himself. He is in control of His emotional state.

Jesus is fun, He had a sense of humor and displayed His emotions.

He is our model for humility and He is a meek man- meekness is power under control

All Men must exercise self-control over their emotional, mental physical and spiritual state   


# 5

CONFRONTATION: Real Men stand up for the weak and defend the defenseless. This what Jesus models for all men. He never looked the other way, avoided confrontation or danced around an issue with a non- answer. He is definitive, clear and confrontative.

He always does the hard thing and stands for truth, modeling courage in the face of adversity.

He had many opportunities to avoid an issue or keep the conversation superficial. He never does this.

He goes deep into the issues and injustice of his Day and confronts and takes on the systems of the world and the people in power positions that ruled over others. 

Real Men don’t run and hide when they are faced with an issue that needs to be addressed. Jesus models confrontation and standing up for truth without compromise. 


# 6

LOVE: Jesus modeled his unwavering Love for His father and his sacrificial love for us by embracing the brutal atrocity of the cross.

He loves God and He loves People you and I. He pays the price for us through the work of His Cross and He invites us to live an elevated life through the way of His cross. 

Real Men Love God and Love others.




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