Stop Comparing Yourself To Others | Jesus Crushes Comparison

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Benchmarks and baselines are useful and necessary metrics when measuring progress and evaluating our actions. In my book ‘The Standard’ I have an entire section dedicated to the measuring reed, an ancient measuring device that Jesus would have used in His career as a builder in the region of Galilee.

There is a day coming when Jesus will measure everything we have accomplished in this life to His standard based on the personal call He makes to each of us individually. We see this clearly illustrated in the parable of the talents. Some received 1 talent and some received 5, but all were expected to produce a return on the original investment. This is the expectation for us as well.


There is no question whether we are to seek to reproduce, multiply and expand. The question is what measuring system are you using when you look to evaluate your progress?


It’s easy to compare yourself with any and every one posting on social. This is a recipe to relinquish you to the sidelines and will have you flirting with questions like, “why even bother pursing my dream?”

There will always be someone with a bigger following who is better looking and further along than you.  Comparing yourself will lead to depression and inaction. 

Comparison Kills


The Vineyard

Comparison will steal, kill and destroy your mission if you allow it to. Let’s look at how Jesus deals with comparison in the parable of the vineyard. Here’s a quick overview, you can read the story in Matthew 20:1-16.

The first set of workers agreed to do a job for a set amount of money. Over the course of the day the owner of the vineyard recruits more workers to join the job working less hours than the first set of workers. They all get paid out the same.

When the first set of workers who started on the job site early in the day see the workers who joined the job later that afternoon get the same paycheck for not putting in the same hours, the landowner responds “what does that matter to you?”

Are you comparing yourself to others or comparing what the Lord has given you to what He has given others who seem less qualified in your eyes? Listen to the response of the landowner, “What does that matter to you?”


The Lake

As Jesus is walking with His disciples after His resurrection around the lake of Galilee, He is having a conversation with Peter and tells him that his death will bring glory to God. After Jesus makes this comment, Peter turns around and sees John walking behind them and asks; “what about him?” Jesus responds to Peter;


“If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!”


You can read the story in John 21:18-22

As men we can’t help but compare ourselves to each other. Our accomplishments, possessions and our lives. Jesus knows this is in our nature and when He observes this behavior He crushes it immediately.  


Who are You Comparing Yourself to?

The Lord shows us not to look at others, what they have done and how long they have done it. We are commanded to follow Him. There is an individual journey marked out for us, some have 1 talent and some have 10 talents, some use them and some bury them, but all are commanded and expected to produce a return on investment with what they are given.

Comparing ourselves to others, steals our joy and robs our purpose. If you are struggling with not feeling like your enough, stop looking at others and look at what God has placed in your hand, focus on multiplying that. The command Jesus gave to Peter is the same command for us today.


“You Follow Me!”



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