Let His Life Flow Through Yours, Not Your Accomplishments

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When you can't find peace by adding more, you'll only find it by subtracting." - Joseph Wilson
Those wise words from my friend Joseph capture the essence of true contentment: it is found not by achieving more but by abiding in Christ alone.  

In a recent discussion on the Raising the Standard Podcast, Joseph shared powerful insights on how our craving for success actually sets us up for an endless cycle of discontent. But by turning inward to Jesus, we can discover the deep and lasting peace we've been seeking all along. 


Three Things Achievements Can Never Give Us

1. A satisfaction that does not fade  

Our accomplishments may thrill us for a time but that thrill quickly passes. Only in Christ do we find a joy that cannot be shaken and a peace that the world could never provide.  

2. A purpose that extends beyond goals  

Any goals we set will eventually be achieved, leaving us wanting more. But Jesus offers a divine purpose that extends beyond any earthly accomplishment, speaking to the deepest longing of our souls.    

3. An inner fullness  

No achievement can fill the God-sized void within us. True fulfillment only comes from abiding in our Creator, who alone satisfies the longings of our hearts.    


Here are a Few Reasons Success Breeds Discontent    

  • Nothing in this world was meant to satisfy our eternal souls    
  • The more we achieve, the higher our expectations rise and the bar is raised for what we think we need to be content
  • We end up chasing after the wind, constantly seeking meaning through what we do but never quite finding it    

The ONLY Source of True Contentment is abiding in Christ - allowing His life and Spirit to fill us. It means cultivating prayer, meditation on Scripture and dependence on His grace each day.  

As we walk by faith in His presence, His life flows through ours. Our actions then represent His kindness to the world instead of defining who we are. Fulfillment comes from abiding in Him, not achieving for Him.    

So don't chase after the next goal or promotion, hoping it will finally satisfy you. Turn inward to Jesus, the source of true and everlasting peace. Simply be with Him, rest in His love and immerse yourself in His grace. Only there will you find the contentment your soul craves.

Check out the whole discussion with Joseph Wilson at the link below.





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