Kingdom-Driven Man: A Former Stripper’s Journey to Abstinence

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Are you ready to stir up a hornet's nest? We're diving deep into the contentious realm of abstinence before marriage. While many today see casual flings as simple as ordering something online and deem premarital relationships necessary for judging compatibility, others, like our astute friend Rob Kowalski, advocate a different path.

During a recent eye-opening episode of The Raising the Standard podcast, Rob, an ex-stripper who’s discovered his higher calling, testified to the power of sexual purity. Rob’s intimate knowledge of carnal temptations and how alluring they can be emerged as he made a definitive pivot at age 27. That's when he chose Christ, durability over brief pleasure, and embarked on a six-year wait for his ‘Mrs. Perfect’.

Listen to the full discussion below.


Looking back, Rob confesses his early relationships were equivalent to a minefield. Devoid of any emotional intimacy and relying solely on physical appeal? Not a winning combination!

He felt inhibited, unsatisfied, and defeated by an invisible foe. His journey of patience allowed him to reflect, understand the damage, and see the silver lining.

Rob's pursuit of purity, however, was anything but a smooth ride. The siege of loneliness made him stumble, retract into perilous territories. Yet, each downfall was a lesson, molding Rob to become an authentic example for those lost in similar struggles.

Highlighting a radical transformation, Rob unveiled an unexpected boon from his tamed desires - boosted focus and amplified productivity. With lust no longer controling his life, waiting enabled him to divert his energy into productive endevors. He has penned inspirational books, kickstarted non-profits, and unearthed a purpose with a colossal impact on numerous lives. 


Embrace Delayed Gratification

Rob acknowledges some regret over lost time but says,

"The way to find [the right person] is to wait. You gotta do that. If you want what everybody else has you can do what everybody else does and that's a 50% divorce rate. But if you want something that other people don't have, you gotta do what they won't do. And that is wait."

If you are a man steering the ship towards success, this nugget of wisdom is for you—embrace delayed gratification. If you opt for a life of quick pleasures or fleeting satisfaction, you WILL sow the seeds for mediocrity.

Stay pure in thought and action, and you will earn the potential for flourishing relationships and valuable contributions to society. 



Temptations and loneliness gnawing at you?

Seek a local Bible-based church, a sanctuary that fosters strong community bonds. Lean on those who've trodden along the narrow path, and their obedience to God’s design for committed intimacy can be your guiding lamp in the abyss.

Commit to His ways and receive His promise - a life marked by abundance.

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