Jesus Is Effective and Efficient

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Jesus left little question whether He is effective in His mission. His actions and the effects of His ministry echo through the pages of world history, whether you are an all-out believer or a doubter refuting His deity, there is no question of his effectiveness.

  • His life and actions split our calendar system in half.
  • The record of His life, the Bible is the #1 selling book of all history.
  • There are overlapping records of his miracles, healings and resurrection.
  • His message spread across the world with no press releases, television or social media.
  • His followers were so committed to what they experienced that they were willing to die for Him.

These above statements do not even begin to scratch the surface of capturing how effective He was. 

Jesus Is Incredibly Efficient 

Jesus is also efficient. In John chapter 4, Jesus decides to abruptly leave Judea and travel to Galilee. In Jesus time there were strict cultural boundaries rooted in a long-held hostility that separated the Jews from the Samaritans. Despite these religious and racial barriers, Jesus does not choose to take a longer route around Samaria. He cuts straight through Samaria and takes the shortest route to His destination. He doesn’t waste time and dance around religious and longstanding traditions. While traveling through Samaria Jesus meets a woman at a well and this is the story found in John chapter 4. 

What can we learn from Jesus’ decision and deliberate action? 

  1. Jesus doesn’t waste time. He told us the hour is late and the workers are few. He has a lot to accomplish in a short time period.
  2. The fastest way from point A to point B is a straight line. He doesn’t take the scenic route when there is a choice to move faster.
  3. He disregards long standing traditions that seek to hold Him back from His mission and destination.

How can you apply this approach in your life today?

  1. Are you wasting time? Is there something you are putting off that you can do today?
  2. Where in your life can you make a decision to move faster?
  3. What are you using to make an excuse for not taking action and moving towards your purpose, mission and assignment today?   


“You are moving at the speed of your obedience”

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