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Meet Shaun Hadsall

In this week’s episode of Raising The Standard I sat down with Shaun Hadsall, also known as "The Ripped Grandpa”. Shaun is a Kingdom Man with an incredible backstory of adversity, overcoming loss, endurance and never giving up on his calling.  

Shaun is the owner of Beyond 40™ Nutritional Supplements and specializes in helping people transform their body in record time by optimizing their hormones and metabolisms. Shaun's fitness journey shows the powerful effect transforming your body and health can have on other areas of your life. His story illustrates how starting a fitness routine can spill over into work, faith, and relationships to drive positive change. 


You may have heard me talk about the role of fitness in my life and the correlation between the way I show up in the gym to how I show up in life. This discussion with Shaun will motivate you to revaluate your goals or set some new targets and get after it. It's also full of practical strategies you can apply today.  

Back in 1998, Shaun entered a bodybuilding competition that changed his life. To prepare, he adopted a disciplined diet and workout routine. But the benefits went far beyond just losing 20 pounds and getting six pack abs.  

The fitness contest helped rekindle Shaun's faith as he struggled to gain custody of his daughter. Developing good habits around exercise and nutrition spilled over into other areas of his life. He gained confidence and clarity of purpose, allowing him to leave an unfulfilling job and launch a successful fitness business. 


The transformation started with his body, but it didn't end there. The self-discipline required to change his physique also: 

  • Developed good habits that carried over into other domains  
  • Boosted his self-confidence and self-worth   
  • Helped him build better relationships and prioritize what mattered
  • Allowed him to step into his calling and pursue his true potential

For Shaun, fitness served as a tool for total life transformation. The physical change unlocked mental and emotional shifts that redesigned his future. 


In This Episode of Raising the Standard:

  • Shaun's backstory and the role of his Faith in his journey. How to use diet and exercise to overcome ANY adversity in life.
  • How Brain Neuroscience will determine success or failure of ANY diet or exercise plan
  • A simple 5-minute morning ritual that can make all your dreams come true
  • The TRUTH about intermittent fasting for men over 40 Why optimizing hormones and “hormonal entrainment” can be more effective than calories-in / calories-out for people beyond 40
  • How to SEE your abs and experience RAPID fat loss WITHOUT giving up carbs, sweet treats, or sacrificing your social life.

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What Does Weight Training Look Like for Guys Over 40? 

As men age past 40, their bodies start to change. It gets harder to lose weight and build muscle like they used to. But there are strategies men over 40 can use to still transform their health and fitness.  


1. Lift lighter weights with higher reps


Shaun recommends men over 40 "Slow down the tempo, squeeze a little harder" instead of lifting heavy weights. Your muscles don't know the difference between 100 and 70 pound dumbbells - it's about tension, not ego lifting. This will save your joints pain in the long run.


2. Focus on mobility and flexibility


For men over 40, warmups get longer and workouts get shorter. Shaun spends half an hour 3 days a week stretching, foam rolling, and doing mobility exercises. This helps him avoid injuries and feel better day to day. 


3. Increase protein intake


Protein speeds up metabolism and preserves muscle as men age. Shaun recommends 200-300 grams of protein a day for men over 40, through whole foods and protein shakes. High protein helps control hunger and curb cravings too.  


4. Utilize Intermittent fasting


Intermittent fasting can make dieting easier for men over 40. Although it's not more effective than traditional dieting, fasting 16-20 hours 3-5 days per week can help with hormonal regulation, focus, and living longer.


While these strategies are adapted for men over 40, the results can be transformational. Dialing back intensity, prioritizing mobility, increasing protein, and intermittent fasting can all help men over 40 make progress towards their fitness goals and improve their health.


Taking these approaches will allow men to still transform their bodies as they age. If you want to initiate positive change in your own life, starting with something tangible like a fitness routine can provide an "on-ramp to transformation." Developing good habits, gaining self-discipline, and boosting confidence through exercise can spill over into every part of your world, opening the door to workplace success, spiritual growth, and stronger relationships.





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