How to Rediscover Your Purpose and Calm Amidst the Chaos

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"Busy," it's an answer we throw around frequently when asked the common question, "how are you?" But let's ask ourselves: Does this constant state of 'busy' really mean we're productive?

Our culture's fast pace, unfortunately, has hooked us on this whirlwind of motion. It's tempting to measure our worth by how 'busy' we are. However, let me tell you, movement isn't always progress, and 'busy' is sometimes just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

An unmanaged flurry of activities could very well be getting in the way of your ability to connect meaningfully with God and others.

Let’s unpack this.


Christian Men Today Truly are Ambitious

Like a jackrabbit, we're always on the move, always hustling, but we need to stop wearing "BUSY" as a badge of honor.

The perverse glamour of busyness tends to put us on autopilot, largely detached from the present moment.

With our minds overclocked, we sometimes unintentionally shift into a new default mode, one fueled by chronic stress and ceaseless busyness. It's like how most habits are formed slowly and gradually until being busy becomes your new normal. 

But this conditioning is altogether a different type of 'normal'.

Consumed with meeting deadlines, undertaking tasks without conscious thought, zipping through life on autopilot—when does it all stop? When do we get to slow down and be present?

Busyness doesn't just stunt relationships with people around us, but it also clouds our connection with God.


Consider the Life of Jesus

We read about his personal prayer routines, his missions from one town to another, even sleeping amidst a storm. Marvelously, amidst all such accounts, there's no record of Jesus hurrying or running.

This doesn't mean Jesus never dealt with stress; He faced storms and pressing demands on a regular basis, but was never shaken by stress or anxiety. Even in the face of his crucifixion, he took the time to console his disciples with words of peace.

The storm was around him, but never within him.

God’s will for you is peace replacing stress. Being triple C – cool, calm, and collected – isn’t just a saying; it’s a lived experience. It's Jesus' lived experience, and years later, Apostle Paul reiterated this message to his mentee, Timothy. Encouraging him to stay timed, not flinch, and remain grounded, Paul reminded him, and us, of the peace Jesus offered that transcends worldly understanding.


Life's Demands Will Always be Present

They're part and parcel of our personal and professional lives. But succumbing to an external storm, allowing it to brew internally, will keep us from living according to God's will.

If you find yourself in a constant state of busyness slouched under life's demands, I promise you, there's a way out. Step out of isolation, step into your identity with purpose, and become the man God calls you to be.

Break free from stress and learn to navigate life's challenges calmly and confidently with "the map" – The Kingdom Driven Manifesto. Crafted with biblical truths and practical life strategies, this manifesto is your compass to a balanced and purpose-driven life in the kingdom of God.

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Now, isn't that a more profound 'progress'?

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