How to Overcome Impossible Odds: The Journey From Vision to Victory

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Guest post by Adam Vibe Gunton, author of From Chains to Saved.

For most of my life, I was trapped in bondage to addiction and the fear of man. I was dishonest about my struggles because I was terrified of what others would think of me. I tried to solve my problems in my own strength by going through the motions of faith, but I never fully surrendered to God.

As a result, I had no idea who I was or why I was here.  

It wasn't until I came to the end of myself that things changed. I cried out to God in desperation, throwing my hands up in surrender. I asked Him to take my life because I couldn't go on anymore.

In that moment of surrender, God revealed the depths of His love for me. He showed me that my identity was in Him alone - not in what I did or didn't do, and not in what others thought of me.

I was His child, loved unconditionally.

With this realization came freedom. I no longer needed to pretend I had it all together to please man. I could be open about my struggle because my worth wasn't defined by it. My purpose was no longer tied to the approval of others but to the will of God. 


He had called me to something greater!

As I learned to walk in surrender, God began revealing His vision for my life. He gave me the name "Recovered on Purpose" and called me to help others struggling with addiction find freedom and purpose.

But He didn't show me the full picture all at once. He gave me one small "seed" of instruction at a time, teaching me to be faithful in the daily bread and dependent on Him. Each act of obedience revealed more of His vision.

One seed was to share my story through writing a book. As I stepped out to do this, God showed me how to create a system for others to share their stories as well.

Another seed was to start a podcast, through which I could spread a message of hope and empower people in recovery. As the show grew, God brought influencers across the world to share their wisdom.

Each seed seemed small but sprouted into something greater. 

Radical honesty and surrender are required to overcome addiction and the fear of man. We must stop relying on human power and throw ourselves on God's mercy.

When we see ourselves through His eyes, we find freedom. And as we faithfully follow each small act of obedience, He uses us to fulfill the greater purpose for which we were made.  

Our lives are no longer ruled by the opinions of man but transformed by the renewing of our minds. We become who God always intended us to be. I am living proof that in surrendering your life to God, He will reveal your identity and purpose - using even your darkest days and deepest struggles to further His Kingdom.

The seeds He plants today will become the forest tomorrow.

But we must cultivate faithfulness in the daily bread and keep our eyes fixed on the eternal reward.


Co-Laboring with God: How Obedience Fuels Vision

Many of us have a vision for our lives that seems impossible to achieve on our own. We can see where God is calling us to go but have no idea how we'll actually get there. The gap between our current reality and future vision can feel overwhelming. Yet Scripture promises that God equips those He calls.

How do we make this a reality in our lives?


The Key is Learning to Co-labor With God

He rarely shows us the full picture of His vision all at once. Instead, He leads us step by step, seed by seed - as we are able to handle it. Our role is to be faithful with the daily bread He provides. Each act of obedience, no matter how small, reveals more of where He's leading. 

God may implant a vision, but He does not expect us to figure everything out on our own. We must remain dependent on Him for continued guidance and direction. Trying to get ahead of God will only lead to frustration and burnout.

But following the seeds He gives - one at a time - produces fertile ground for vision to grow.


When Vision Seems Delayed or Unclear, we Must Continue Cultivating Faithfulness

God uses our times of waiting to develop character, humility and perseverance within us. We may feel stuck, but He is doing a work we cannot see. His timing is perfect, and He will release more vision when we are ready to steward it well. 

The ultimate vision God implants within us is never really "ours" at all. It originates in the mind of our Creator, who forms us with purpose to fulfill His greater Kingdom plan. Our role is one of surrender and stewardship. We yield ourselves to be used as conduits for His vision to reach the world, trusting that He will equip us for every task. 

The visions God gives often seem impossible because they require more than human effort alone. But when we co-labor with Him - taking faithful action on each seed He provides, however small - He pours out grace and makes a way where there seems no way.

Our inadequacy is the very place where His power is made perfect. The seeds we plant today, through obedience, will grow into the forest of tomorrow. But we must keep our eyes fixed on the eternal while diligently cultivating in the temporal.

That is the call of every Kingdom builder: to co-labor with God and watch with wonder as He brings the vision to pass in His proper time. Our role is simple, yet not easy. It requires radical faith to see the invisible, cultivate the small and possible, and trust God for the inconceivable.

But this is the adventure of faith - to labor with expectation for what only He can bring to pass.





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