How To Build Self Discipline in 2023

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Disciple = Discipline


The original followers of Jesus embraced the title of disciple. If you are a follower of Jesus that is your title as well. Discipline is at the root of being a disciple. The word ‘disciple’ is also translated as a disciplined learner.

It is not only those who follow Jesus that must employ discipline, it is Jesus Himself who models a disciplined life for us. In today’s article we are going to discover 3 keys that Jesus models and that all men can use to implement discipline into our daily routines. 

Discipline is defined as Discipline is the quality of being able to behave and work in a controlled way which involves obeying particular rules or standards.

One of the ways I define discipline is the ability to delay gratification


The ability to forfeit immediate pleasure for a greater goal will be the hallmark of those who carry the title of disciple.


When you think about the life of a disciple, think of  one who has pledged their life in response of the invitation of Jesus to “follow me” 

Let’s looks at just a few ways Jesus exercises and models discipline for us as men

  • He humbled Himself and became a man and a bond servant
  • He embraced the path of a Son, submitting Himself to the will of His father (heavenly and earthly)
  • he endured years of blue-collar manual labor
  • He used discipline to minister for long periods of time, this is extremely self-sacrificial
  • He dealt and interacted with human frailty and logic, lowering Himself to our level
  • He restrained Himself when he could have acted on His own will.


3 Secrets of Discipline in the Life of Jesus that You can Apply Right Now


Jesus Has a Clear Vision

You must have a Vision


Jesus Made a Decision to Follow and Submit to the Will of His Father

Your decision precedes the discipline


The Discipline of Jesus Flowed out of His Devotion

Your discipline will be an outworking of the devotion you have to God


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