Discover Jesus as the Standard for Masculinity on the YouVersion Bible App

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A selection from The Standard is now available as a 6-day devotional plan on Life Church’s You Version Bible App.

Standard 59 has been chosen to be a publishing partner with YouVersion. The first plan dropped in February 2023 and already exceeds the average user rating.

The Standard is split into six sections that explore six dimensions of masculinity in the life of Jesus. The first reading plan available now on YouVersion is taken from the section on Self-Mastery.


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Below is an introduction to what you will find in the Bible App:

Jesus is not a distant Lord that we can't approach or who cannot relate to our struggles as men. Jesus walked the earth as the Son of man and modeled true masculinity the way God intended man to be. 

To be the leader God creates, you must learn to lead yourself first. Every man must learn to master himself. Jesus provides the ultimate example, living a life of discipline and self-control. The Bible says Jesus emptied Himself and learned obedience. He submits to the will of His Father in everything He does.

He worked a blue-collar job immersed in the daily grind for 30 years. At the appointed time, He launched His three-and-a-half-year mission of announcing the Kingdom of God. Living a life of discipline empowers you to move from dreaming to doing and from vision to execution. 

Can you become more like Jesus?

Over the next six days, you will examine His life; to learn and model what this looks like and apply it to your daily routine. You will discover one aspect of Jesus daily so you can follow Him on your journey into being the man He created you to be.

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