Bringing the Kingdom of God to the Workplace

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Jesus Preached the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.


How do you demonstrate the gospel of the Kingdom of God everywhere you go? With the majority of people working and engaging in business what would it look like to be a witness walking in partnership with God in your daily activities and on the job?

In this episode Josh is joined by Peter Nieves. Peter is a top rated, award winning trademark, trade secret, IP and Patent attorney and litigator. Peter also holds a degree in Electrical Engineering. From struggle to suddenly's, Peter's story is nothing short of amazing when you discover the promotion, advancement and favor that God has given him. As someone who has climbed to the top of his field, Peter shares a behind the scenes look at the difference between working in his own strength and learning how to cooperate with God’s plan for his life, unlocking unprecedented favor through partnership with God.

In practical examples Peter provides how he, and you can partner with God to demonstrate the kingdom of heaven everywhere you go. From the coffeehouse to the courtroom Peter has learned how to exercise his Kingdom authority to impact those around Him. Listen and learn how to expand the Kingdom of God everywhere you go, regardless of where you are.

Discover the Key That Unlocks Your Unfair Advantage.  

Get Equipped with the Non-Negotiable that Every Mighty Man of God has Operating in their Life that Positions you for Promotion.

A Small Number of Elite Kingdom-Driven Men Throughout History Have Accessed Their Unfair Advantage Daily. Those That Do Change Their World and Shape History with God.  

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