How To Finish What You Start

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It’s easy to STATE what you want to do.

  • I am going to go to the gym…
  • I am going to implement a weekly date night with my wife…
  • I am going to finish reading that book…
  • I am going to _______ (fill in the blank)

It’s easy to START what you want to do

  • Show up at the gym for a workout
  • Take your wife out for dinner 
  • Pick up the book and get into chapter one

It’s harder to FINISH.

I heard a statement when I was writing The Standard that became a driving force within me to get the book across the finish line.

This statement has stuck with me, it’s etched in my brain and has become part of my DNA.




When you finish, you accomplish, you attain and you take dominion over yourself.

You win an internal battle that can become an external victory.

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