3 Keys to Build a Spiritually Strong Marriage

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Marriage Goals 

Everyone is setting goals and casting vision for their life, but do you have goals, rituals, and routines to make your marriage spiritually stronger?

In this episode of Raising The Standard Josh is joined by his wife Rachael and together they share personal insights into the foundation they have built their marriage upon.

In this show we cover

  • The 4 areas you need to set targets in together as a couple
  • Why spiritual expectation is a key to a strong marriage
  • How to approach balance and seasons within marriage
  • How husbands can support the entrepreneurial drive within their wife
  • How Christian men can support their wives in other ways outside of paying the bills
  • What agreement and commitment did Josh and Rachael make with each other for this year


3 Keys to Set You Up for a Strong Year


Pray Together

Have spiritual conversations- we have alone time and compare notes

Be Present- Future 

Don’t dwell on the past.

Be Intentional

We are incorporating a digital sunset every night to make room for intimate conversations and prayer.




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